Human Resources


Emanuel Medical Center (EMC) Human Resources

An administrative support department that serves the Hospital, Nursing Home and affiliated physicians’ offices; we provide central support for Human Resources policies, benefits, compensation and classification, training and recruitment.

The Human Resources Department supports the development of Emanuel Medical Center’s employees and work culture. We believe that a diverse, respectful environment allows our human potential to flourish and grow. The Human Resources Department serves Emanuel Medical Center by focusing efforts on the hospital and its affiliates’ most valuable asset, its employees. This is done through recruitment, hiring, and retention of a diverse, qualified workforce. Human Resources works to provide direction, technical assistance, on-line training, equal employment opportunity and labor relations services to its managers and employees.

Our commitment is to advance Emanuel Medical Center’s mission to provide patient-focused healthcare services, which exceed the expectations of the people we serve.



Applicants/individuals interested in employment with EMC:

Please review our job postings to identify those positions for which you are qualified. If you find a position, please complete the online job application. We accept applications only for those positions listed on our website. Please check the website regularly for additional positions as they become available.

Interview process:

Upon submitting your application it will be assessed, and those that meet the qualification requirements will be forwarded to the appropriate department manager for review. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted to arrange a meeting with the department manager/supervisor.

Applications remain on file for six months:

If you are not chosen to interview for a current position, we will maintain your application for six months and consider it for future openings.

Internal Applicants:

Current employees can apply for positions in their respective departments by completing a transfer form available in Human Resources. Employees working in the department where the vacancy occurs will be considered for the position before it is made available to employees throughout the facility. External candidates who are qualified for the position will be considered only after qualified internal candidates have been provided an opportunity to apply and interview.



On-Boarding (external candidates):

If chosen for a position with EMC, you will be required to:

  • provide proof of citizenship,
  • successfully complete a pre-employment health screen (please see next topic),
  • fulfill our requirement to pass the on-line orientation program,
  • pass the screening required by Medicare (Office of Inspector General, or OIG), and
  • a criminal background screening.

Additional forms that must be reviewed and/or completed prior to employment are:

  • state and local tax forms,
  • health screening forms
  • parking agreement
  • no-smoking policy
  • HIPAA policy
  • and other relevant policies, as required.

Upon employment, employees are required to complete department-specific orientation.

Pre-employment testing:

Emanuel Medical Center is committed to providing a secure, professional, and positive work environment for our employees and patients. To this end, each applicant to whom an offer of employment has been made will be required, as a condition of employment, to undergo a substance (drug) test, as well as to complete a pre-employment health screening. As a part of the on-boarding process, applicants will be asked to read and the sign a Pre-Employment Consent to Drug Screening.

Benefits review:

Employees who are benefits eligible will be provided a comprehensive packet that explains all of Emanuel Medical Center’s benefit programs. Eligible employees can sign up for benefits within 30 days of employment.

This over-view of the hiring process at Emanuel Medical Center is meant only as a guideline and is not all-inclusive, and is subject to modification as needed.