Addiction Withdrawal Program


“After 8 years of being prescribed pain medication for my back, I decided that I was tired of the never ending regimen of medication. I decided to go through withdrawals at home. I soon realized that I couldn’t do it alone so I went to the ER. The ER transferred me to their psychiatric department where I felt unsafe, uncomfortable, and almost like a criminal. After calling my physician, I was admitted to BreakThru at my community hospital. I was treated just like every other patient and after three days was then referred to long term treatment.”


  • Stabilize patients who are in the process of withdrawal from alcohol, opiates, and/or benzodiazapines
  • Establish an immediate dis-charge plan for continuum of care
  • Manage all comorbidities while in the comfort of an acute care hospital
  • Provide a safe beginning for a successful recovery


  • Innovative medical collaboration between hospital and case managers to ensure a safe beginning on the road to recovery
  • Provide a full–scale medical environment to assist patients through withdrawal from alcohol, opiates, and/or benzodiazapines
  • Specializing in patients with comorbidities, we provide the safest medical management available
  • We work closely with referral sources within Swainsboro and the surrounding communities to provide an appropriate and immediate discharge plan


  • Comfortable, confidential stay located within our acute care facility
  • Average three day length of stay
  • 24-hour physician and nursing staff
  • A Continuum of Care Manager (nurse) will be available for all discharge plan questions
  • Medicare, Medicaid, most commercial insurances

BreakThru located in Emanuel Medical Center
117 Kite Rd
Swainsboro, GA 30401
Contact Via Email
Phone: 1 (855) 341-9999 Or (478) 289-3185