The Cardiopulmonary Department is located on the first floor of the hospital adjacent to the Gift Shop. The department is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, including holidays and weekends. All services will be utilized to provide optimal care to our patients. EMC Cardiopulmonary Department provides therapeutic and diagnostic services for the patient population we serve as requested by the medical staff. These services include ABG’s, EKG’s. Hand Held Nebulizer, O2, Pulse Ox, BiPAP, CPAP, Stress Testing, Holter Monitoring, (24 hour and 48 hour), Ventilator Care, Chest Percussion Therapy, Incentive Spirometry, CPR, Intubation, Pulmonary Function Studies, Echocardiography s and Carotid Doppler Ultrasounds.

Specialty procedures will be preformed Monday through Friday.