Medical/Surgical Unit

The hospital has forty-two private rooms located on the first and second floors. Nursing care is provided by a staff of professional registered nurses and licensed practical nurses under the guidance of your physician. They are further assisted by certified nursing assistants and unit clerks. Though your medical care is of primary importance, our team of caring professionals will do everything possible to make you as comfortable as possible during your stay and will treat your family and other visitors with the utmost courtesy.

Surgery and Recovery

Should surgery become necessary, our surgical team of OR, anesthesia and recovery room personnel, help assures the best possible medical outcomes. Our operating rooms and equipment are current and consistent with modern techniques, providing the surgeon the tools he or she needs for high quality surgical care.

Following surgery, patients are transferred to the recovery room for constant observation and care. When they are judged by their physician to have recovered sufficiently, they are returned to their hospital room.