Departments at Emanuel Medical Center

Welcome to Emanuel Medical Center. Thank you for choosing your local hospital for your healthcare needs. We look forward to serving you and your family. Our staff is composed of dedicated, compassionate people who are committed to our mission to be the community’s preferred choice for healthcare services. Our vision is to help the people of Emanuel County and surrounding areas live healthier and happier lives.

We believe that we can fulfill this mission and vision by partnering with you in your care.


Phone:  478-289-1309

Damien Scott, CEO

Jessica S. Johnson, CFO

Mary Radford, CNO

Kathy Peebles, Director, Administrative Services

Acute Care Inpatient

Phone:  478-289-1141

Natasha Hanson, RN, Acute Care Inpatient Manager

Care Coordination

Phone:  478-289-1516

Juanita Porter, RN, Care Coordination Manager

Education and Performance Improvement

Phone:  478-289-1230

Martha S. Anders, MSN, RN, Director of Education and Performance Improvement
Director of Accreditation, Education, Quality & Risk Management and EMC Compliance Officer

Emergency Department

Phone:  478-289-1342

Brooke Marsh, RN, BSN Emergency Department Manager

Human Resources

Phone:  478-289-1370

Jinny Newman, Human Resource Manager

Imaging and Radiology

Phone:  478-289-1285

Monica Woodward, Radiology Manager

Infection Control

Phone:  478-289-1295

Reba Tankersley, RN, Infection Practitioner, Employee Health / Education

Intensive Care Unit

Phone:  478-289-1100

Susan Brown, RN, Intensive Care Unit Manager


Phone:  478-289-1293

Magan Warren Strange, BS, MT (ASCP), Laboratory Director

Medical Records

Phone:  478-289-1312

Deborah Driggers, Medical Records Manager

Medical Staff Services

Phone:  478-289-1349

Donna Newsome, Administrator

Anthony Howard, MD

Nutrition Services

Phone:  478-289-1362

Brenidetta Gardner, Dietary Manager

Pam Thompson, RDN, LD, NHA, Dietitian

Deborah Alford, General Manager

Our Home Nursing Home Facility

Phone:  478-289-1334

Peggy Corbin, Administrator

Michelle Hart, RN, Director of Nursing

John Wilder Page, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing


Phone:  478-289-1302
Fax:  478-289-1316

Bailey Rucker, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy, PharmD on Demand

Public Relations and Volunteer Services

Phone:  478-289-1274

Carmen Tanner, Director of Marketing / Volunteer Services and GA Rural Hospital Tax Credit Program

Quality & Risk Management

Quality and Risk Management with Education and Performance Improvement

Phone:  478-289-1393

Martha Anders, Manager

Registration & Billing

Tiffany Thomas, Registration Supervisor

Phone:  478-289-1136

Jessica Coleman, Billing Supervisor

Phone:  478-298-1137


Phone:  478-289-1319

Chris Barnes, Respiratory Manager

Senior Behavioral Health Unit

Phone:  478-289-1169

Cathy Bowen, RN, Department Manager

Social Services / Case Management

Phone:  478-289-1246

Jennifer Caraway, Social Service and Discharge Planner

Margo Robertson, RN, Clinical Resource Manager