The Family of Martha Durden

To each and every employee of Emanuel Medical Center, from environmental services, respiratory, radiology, dietary, nurses, CNA’s, lab, Med Surge, ICU, each department, the physicians, Dr. Butler, Dr. Prasad, Dr. Porter and staff, Pruitt Hospice, the employees of the clinics and Damien Scott. You were all wonderful to this family and our Mom. You all touched her and her children in a way so very special. The family of Martha Durden would like to thank you for your care, your concern, your kindness, gentleness and your strong support for her and this family. You cared for her for 2 weeks and one day, and you did it as if she were your own Mother.  You are what makes this hospital so special. She passed away on Monday, March 20th 2019 at 7:35 pm. But she did it peacefully. I know she would want us to thank you all individually and in person and I will eventually do that. We would like to let you know that we are ever so grateful for all you have done for her and this family during such a difficult time.

May God bless you all!  Thank you.

John Martin

I want to say thank you to all who assisted me while I was sick. I was in room 224 and my care was excellent. Good people working in a good hospital.

Martin Family

A few weeks ago, my doctor wanted me to have blood drawn to check several levels. I went o Outpatient Lab and the young girl which was a Lab tech, helped me get more diagnosis for the order. She called my doctor more than once to get this. After they came back she did my lab work. She faxed the results in twice after 2 phone calls. I appreciate all she did as she went above what she normally does and was so helpful. I just wanted to thank her and for the supervisors to know how helpful the lab was. Again, thank you!

Griffin Family

Thank you for all for your wonderful service in the Emergency Room. Everyone was very attentive and treated me immediately. Thank you so much for calling, my Doctor, Dr. Prasad. We are blessed to have such a wonderful hospital. Thanks again.