Ginger Hall, CNO of Emanuel Medical Center Receives HomeTown Health “2020 Nurse Executive of the Year” Award

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Ginger Hall, Chief Nursing Officer at Emanuel Medical Center in Swainsboro, Georgia, was selected by HomeTown Health, LLC as the recipient of the 2020 Nurse Executive of the Year award at the HomeTown Health 21st Annual Fall Conference held at Callaway Gardens October 20-23, 2020.

Ginger Hall received this award for providing exceptional leadership by adopting “best practices” for rural hospital improvement, for her well-established commitment to staff education and leadership development, and her dedication to superior patient care while emphasizing technological advances at her facility.

 “Emanuel Medical Center (EMC) has been a part of our community since 1951 and there has been one constant in our facility for over 45 years and that would be nurse Ginger Hall. She started at EMC at the age of 18-years- old as an LPN in the OB department and continued her education while working to become an RN. In the late 1990's she became the Director of Nursing services and is still in that position today. She is the definition of a true leader – conscientious, supportive and efficient, a problem-solver who collaborates across all teams. She is an encourager to her staff, she equips them to give high-quality care and looks out for the best-interest of everyone involved in care.” shared members of the EMC team.

This award is presented each year by HomeTown Health to a Chief Nursing Officer who positively influences the delivery of rural health care in Georgia through their leadership at their facility – working to integrate the challenges of technological improvements, electronic systems, quality patient care, staff education and effective leadership, as well as the priority of compassionate and appropriate treatment for patients.

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