Emanuel Medical Center Boosts Local Economy

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A recent report from the Georgia Hospital Association shows that Emanuel Medical Center generated nearly $86 million for the local economy in 2021. The economic impact totaled almost $1 million more than the previous year.

Beyond serving the healthcare needs of the community, the hospital also creates an economic ripple effect through the area. For each dollar spent by Emanuel Medical Center, $2.28 in local economic activity was generated, stimulating further growth and prosperity within the region.

Damien Scott, CEO of Emanuel Medical Center states, “Our facility not only provides 5-Star quality care, but also it is a major economic engine for this region. Certainly, when you are sick or injured you feel our impact; however, I hope this report reminds those who don’t currently need our services of the tremendous value that we bring to the community.”

As one of the county’s major employers, Emanuel Medical Center sustained 344 full time jobs for the year; however, the hospital was also responsible for supporting an additional 866 full-time positions, generating more than $44 million in household earnings. These jobs not only strengthen the local economy, but they also provide essential healthcare services to support the overall well-being of the community.

“Our employees are passionate, mission-minded individuals who are dedicated to serving the sick and suffering. Their unwavering commitment to our community has been instrumental in enabling our hospital to make a profound and valuable impact on the lives of our patients and on our local economy,” said Scott.

The report shows that the hospital provided nearly $5.5 million in charity, indigent, and other uncompensated care in 2021.

Emanuel Medical Center remains committed to providing high quality, patient-centered care for citizens of Emanuel County and the surrounding areas. The hospital currently offers a medical-surgical unit, intensive care unit, senior behavioral health unit, Emanuel Wound Care Clinic, Emanuel Infusion Center, five rural health clinics, three specialty clinics, and a Level IV Trauma Emergency Department. For more information about Emanuel Medical Center, visit emanuelmedical.org.